From November 2011

Thinking of a way to quickly search & replace data in a MySQL column got me to this solution:

update table
column = replace(column,'thistext','thattext')

With this method I was quickly able to change millions of records today. Quick and easy.

Since MacOS X Lion (10.7.x) we are “blessed” by the general option that documents we have worked on the last time are automatically opened the next time we start up an application.

While we can argue if that is a boon or not, I personally don’t like this “feature”. Especially, when the last opened document has had errors or crashed the application.

Today, I was not able to open a document in BBedit and it crashed completely. But sure enough, the next time I opened BBedit again it tried to open the same file again, resulting in crashing again.

After some trial and error I figured that holding down the shift key during the startup of BBedit it will disable loading of previous documents. I hope this helps someone else out there.

Yes, I know there are ways to disable this globally. But in case one does not want to disable this feature globally.