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Razuna 1.2.1 available

Razuna 1.2.1 is as of immediately available. The 1.2.1 release is merely a bug fix release which covers 9 fixes and brings the latest Tomcat 6.0.20 release for standalone users.

All available download options, Standalone Server, WAR file and the Razuna Virtual Server have been updated to Razuna 1.2.1.

Here is the list of the bugs that have been fixed;

  • UploadBin Folder could be shared
  • Adding ZIP archives or adding from server, email and FTP might fail under some circumstances
  • Sharing would sometimes not work
  • Adding many assets with “add from server” could sometimes fail, especially with ZIP archives
  • Adding a folder showed too many options
  • Groups with “Read-only” permissions could still add assets, convert and add versions
  • Permissions issues with comments fixed
  • Tomcat out-of-memory problem on some installations with large files
  • Assets were not properly added according to file types if they were added in a ZIP archive

For those who need to update their installed Razuna 1.2 please see the current update guide on how to update your copy.

I would like to thank the community for bringing forward all the bugs and keep on using Razuna.

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Razuna 1.2 released – the next step in Open Source Digital Asset Management

We are very excited to announce that Razuna 1.2 is immediately available for download. Razuna 1.2 brings many new features in the area of image and video handling, usability, collaboration on assets and speed improvements. Here is a short video outlining some of the enhancements.

[vimeo width="600" height="400"][/vimeo]

Major improvement makes managing your assets a breeze

Our users have been giving us great feedback on the usability of Razuna and what they would like to see.  Some of the new features are direct needs of real world usage and have been constantly tested by the users itself. Razuna 1.2 has seen a lot of major add-ons and so it is not easy to highlight only a few, but here are those who we feel are the most noteworthy;

Version Control
For each asset you now have a Version Control system. Thus whenever you upload a new version of your image, video or document, the original version will be saved and stored for you. Within the version tab you can then also play the version back, where as a new version of the current version is stored again.

Initial Folder View and Folder Tree Navigation
Many have asked for it, so we are very happy to give it to you. We now have a Folder-Navigation tree structure for you. No need to reload the folder navigation anymore. Also, we changed the initial folder view to show you all the assets, independently of the asset type, when you navigate to a folder.

Commenting and sharing of a folder/collection
Another demand that many have expressed is to be able to have a commenting section for each asset. This is now available with Razuna 1.2. You can comment on each asset within the “comments” tab. Furthermore, the commenting takes on a larges scale approach when you combine it with sharing. Sharing is a new feature, which allows you to share your folder or collection with the same users/groups within Razuna or simply with “Everyone”. If you share a folder/collection with “Everyone”, it will be available under a public URL for everyone to see. Moreover, each asset can be commented on. This is a great feature for all of you who need to share your work with clients or alike.

Print to PDF
Any asset, search result and folder view can now be converted to a PDF for printing. We setup a printing wizard which lets you choose the size of the paper, how many assets you want on a page, size, and more.

Many more things
Oracle database support for file system storage, Developer API, PDF & PSD & AI & ESP thumbnail support, option to include assets from subfolders within a folder view, etc. The list is quite impressive. There many more improvements, features and bug fixes done in Razuna 1.2 and they are all listed over at our publicly available Issue Tracker.

What’s next?
Thought, Razuna 1.2 is seeing the light today, we are already going forward to 1.3 and beyond. Some features which will come are embedding video and images from social networks, audio support, MS SQL/PostgreSQL support, importing your Cumulus catalog, general backup/import functions and much more. Feel free to shape and participate the next version of Razuna and add your feature request and bugs (yes, those too) at our publicly available Issue Tracker.

Users of our Razuna Hosted Platform have had the joy of working with the latest Razuna 1.2 already!

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Razuna 1.2 Release Candidate 1

razuna_logo_200The Release Candidate 1 of Razuna 1.2 is now ready for you. With this release we think that Razuna 1.2 is complete.

Please download it, test it and let us know what you think. We kindly ask you to report any bugs or feature request to

If there are no major bugs found, we will release Razuna 1.2 on Monday the 22nd.

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Razuna Hosted Platform publicly available

razuna_logo_200As some of you might have already seen, we separated our Razuna domains into http://razuna.ORG, which will take you to the Open Source Version of our Digital Asset Management and now http://razuna.COM, which will bring up our newly launched Hosted Platform for your Digital Asset needs.

Yes, that is right, you can now enjoy all the benefit of Razuna without ever needing to run your own server. The Razuna Hosted Platform is available for free for up to 1GB storage/1GB traffic and afterwards for a very low price per 1GB storage/1GB traffic.

Given the fact that Razuna has become one of the most used and talked about open source Digital Asset Management solutions in the last couple of months, we are sure you will enjoy the benefit of the Razuna Hosted Platform as well. The Razuna Hosted Platform is based on the latest code base from the upcoming Razuna 1.2 version and features a lot of new enhancements. Here is a short list of available functions;

Sharing of folders and collections

Folders and so called “collections” (a bunch of assets spread in different folders combined in a convenient view) can be shared with the “world”. In other words, you can give everyone access to a designated folder/collection without them having to have access to your system. Moreover folder/collections can be secured with permissions or not.

Commenting of assets

Collaboration on assets is one step closer. We now have a commenting tool available within Razuna. That is, you can comment on any assets as many times as you want. But best of it, if you share your folder/collection (see above), commenting is available as well. Simply share a folder and have your clients comment on the assets within. No more email going back and forth or long discussion on the phone!

Razuna Desktop

As outlined in the last couple of blog posts here, we have been hard at work with bringing you a convenient Desktop tool to upload your assets locally. We are happy to say, that this tool is now available (well, in a day or two). With it you can run Razuna Desktop in the back and simply drag-and-drop your assets to Razuna Desktop and it will automatically upload your assets to your incoming folder. Razuna Desktop works both with the Razuna Hosted Platform and with a self hosted version. Now, where else do you get such a service?

These are only a couple of the new features. Make sure to check out the new Razuna Hosted Platform. I hope you are as excited as we are providing this service to you.

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